A New Blog

So, I was getting tired of the layout of my old blog because I found it uninspiring and I didn't really want to post on it, plus it is a registered domain name that is going to expire soon, and I don't really want to deal with all the trouble of renewing it (and paying for it, ha). 

Anyways, this is my brand-spanking new book blog. I am really excited about it, though I have to admit that I feel super behind in my blogging efforts. I have about six books I need to write reviews for and to make it even more difficult, I am just zooming through my reading list these days. Partly because I have a three hour commute everyday on the GO bus, but also because I am too damn tired to do much else once I get home from said commute.

I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend, and that you are finding time to read great books. I am about to crack into The Taker by Alma Katsu, which comes enthusiastically recommended from my friends Chelsey and Ikhlas, so I am going into this one with high hopes! 

Happy Saturday Night everyone!!!


  • Ikhlas | 10 March 2012 at 19:53

    Congrats on the new blog Kate! :) I'm sure it'll go swimmingly :)

    Aww, don't stress out too much about writing posts...if it becomes like doing chores, then its no longer fun.

    Can't wait to read your thoughts on the The Taker...and thanks for the mention! :)


  • Chelsey | 11 March 2012 at 09:41

    This looks great Kate =)! Can't wait to read all of your musings!

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